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In her recent post, Personal Branding Blog author Liz Lynch quoted “according to Meetings & Conventions magazine, more than 27 million people attend conferences, trade shows, and conventions each year. And the main reason they go is to network.”

With humor she went on to comment on selling, “No one is walking around thinking, “I’m really in the mood to hire a consultant today” or “I’m not leaving until I spend millions on computer software.”  So avoid turning your conversations into sales pitches, even if you know for certain that you can help.”

She agrees with my thoughts on coming to any networking meeting ready with some key points to cover, “Connections happen through conversation, but if you’re not prepared, most of your discussions will consist primarily of small talk.  While some of this is necessary to get the ball rolling, too much won’t advance your relationship very far.”

In Part 1 of her series she focuses on setting clear goals, and Part 3 wraps up with insight on how to maximize your time. All three articles in the series are worth a read and you may want to consider adding her posts to your RSS feed. I bet she’ll have more to offer as you grow your networking skills.


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